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back to blogging.

Let’s be consistent now. It’s 2009, damn. shut down which made me sad and I did not save all my posts. FML. In the meantime, I have been vigorously writing on paper and took a little break from being an internet whore. I barely use myspace nowadays and semi-retired from making layouts/coding for people. Myspace became messy and took a panic on trying too hard to be the best. Facebook and Twitter is where it is now. They’re way cleaner, faster, and easier for non-nerdyweb people to handle.

I’m currently staying in LA with a good friend of mine for 2 weeks and I leave this coming Monday. The goal was too collaborate in music once again. Us two go way back and this past week and a half has been a wonderful catch-up. Recording in studios was fun and creating music with this guy is always magical. Continue reading


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