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hugo boss samsung f480.




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they have a life too: matteo cibic.



Matteo Cibic is a product designer and creative problem solver. You can see what I mean. Continue reading

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everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

You know it’s true. (Video might not work  here so here’s the URL:

Also, this is Louis CK, probably my  favorite white comedian. Continue reading


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cool beds i want to sleep on.

ze hamburger bed.

I love burgers. I especially love hamburger beds. One order, please.

ze floating bed.


Designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, this magnetic floating bed has enough magnets to keep 900 kilograms (1,984 pounds) floating in the air. Technically, the magnetic floating bed is for sale… but it is priced at 1.2 million euros ($1.53 million), you will not likely find this in your local mattress store.

ze napshell.


Created by Napshell, ergonomically designed to be Continue reading


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2012 architects.




Césare Peeren and Pieter de Jong from the Rotterdam based 2012 Architecten have developed an uniquemodular multifunctional furniture system named Cilly using discarded pvc cable reels cylinders have a diameter of 40cm and can be delivered in depths of 40cm and 20cm. Modules are endlessly combinable and fit in every space and can have almost any possible function one can think of. Continue reading

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government takes a bite off the ol’ apple.

Newsweek posts “Apple’s New Weapon”  about US Military is issuing iPod touches to soldiers.

"war app"

(poorly edited. you get the point.)

“Apple gadgets are proving to be surprisingly versatile. Software developers and the US Department of Defense are developing military software for iPods that enables soldiers to display aerial video from drones and have teleconferences with intelligence agents halfway across the globe. Snipers in Iraq and Afghanistan now use a ‘ballistics calculator’…” (click to read full article)

Apple has reached the government’s appeal. Or it’s the government that has taken hold of Apple’s commercialized products and I am angry and terrified with this idea. It is NOT ideal, whatsoever. IT IS WAR. It is the production of war. I own an iPod touch and I listen to music, play games like Brain Toot, check my email and watch South Park videos. Cheese and rice, and now I might just be able to use it as “a remote control for a bomb-disposal robot” which is an intrigiuing concept, but I way prefer to use it for music and what it’s originally made for.

Money, money, money. Can I at least buy some peace, please?

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trapped babies. haha.

peekaboo!! lol

peekaboo!! lol

HAHAHA oh no! To keep babies warm, the product Peekaru Fleece is here to buy! Oh great, just what babies needed. Talk about the Snuggie blanket, this is just another one like it! Except for babies! At least this is better because babies don’t need to worry about  lowering their self-esteem like wearing a Snuggie with your mom at a baseball game. Continue reading


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