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hugo boss samsung f480.




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Oh oh oh!


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patrizio di renzo.



Patrizio di Renzo is a gorgeous and stunning fashion photographer from Switzerland. This series is titled “Pure Poison”  and Renzo presents Swiss designer Majo Fruithof‘s 2009 jewellery collection. This also features  one of my favorite models, Dutch topmodel, Iekeline Stange.


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model my bucci shades, boy.



Thanks, roomie.
(In photos: Mike Ponti)

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plain and simple: american apparel.

I had a job interview this evening and part of what was said reminded me of something I should just post in my blog (oh, but I hope I get a position for that job!) So yes, it’s my extended review on American Apparel. I found this in my laptop from awhile back:

Plain and Simple: American Apparel
Walk into any American Apparel’s imperium and you’re presented by a canvas of multitude colored cotton T-shirts, shiny bathing suits, sheer dresses all organized in a rainbow between white humble walls. As you take a few steps further, you are subtly relaxed by an optimistic atmosphere and begin to browse through clothes at ease. Recurring customers, including myself, appeal to American Apparel because of their simple yet distinct style. Their styles range in casual, sophisticated, funky, and even sexy, depending on how you wear an American Apparel outfit.
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do the pink.

mina pink.

Spring is the prettiest season and pink is just pretty or pretty cute. Thanks to my Tita Mina :).

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origami chairs & shoes.


Korean designer Sooin Kim uses the origami concept in chairs. Cardine is a folding chair formed with only 1 sheet of plastic and two pairs of Velcro. “This simple structure requires extremely few resources and energy for manufacturing so it can be an answer for the sustainable future. And the low cost to produce will make it a low price product so anybody who wants to use will be able to have it.” 
This thing is almost weightless! I’m intrigued by this concept, it’s brilliant. Perhaps it’s not the most comfortable but check out the booty area! And it really folds! It’s totally convenient for parties and social gatherings; not like you’re going to sit on these in front of the tube for hours—that’s why we have bean bags and couches.
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