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the ingredients are…

do Bem’s new release by Hardcuore.

Also, check it out on yooouuutuuube.


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observe & report.


It really is not your average Seth Rogen comedy.  I was quite surprised with it. I say mostly dark humor (which I love) with just a touch of some “deep sadness.” I give it a 4.2 star rating.

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you hear colours.

The new CFCF track ‘You Hear Colours,’ with momentous sounds, is his latest release on an avant-garde label Acephale Records. This is what I’d like to call, one of those evocative dreamy state of satisfying contemporary electronic music.

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i can’t wait for this.

wwta poster

Omg. This is definitely in my all-time favorite children’s book list. I remember I used to read this book in Elematary school at silent-reading everyday. Yay.

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