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new eminem album: relapse.



Buy the album. Dre and Eminem get their game on again. Eminem’s lyrics are better than ever and Dr. Dre’s beats make it seem like he rules the world. Together, they are infamous. Relapse is filled with pure emotion–angry, disturbing humorous, sad–every line mirrors every beat in poetic sympetry while deeply molding inches of your skin. Point is, this album is so good, I almost relapsed (end punchline).

“In truth, for many fans he was both: a complicated artist and person, which was what made him so fascinating. He could induce tears with poignant visions of a dysfunctional childhood, elicit snickers for silly potty humor and raise goose bumps with murderous images in the space of a few songs.” (

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the ingredients are…

do Bem’s new release by Hardcuore.

Also, check it out on yooouuutuuube.

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currently listening to…

What I Have Left
by Mike Bones

I also enjoyed listening to Alex Taylor’s (Hot Chip) cover of this song. But I like the original version best.

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hugo boss samsung f480.



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i eat meat: buffalo wild wings.

I just hit this place up for the first time on Friday night and it was just finger-lickin’, eye-poppin, whatever-smackin’, good. My roommate, Mike from Nebraska has been telling my roommate and I how much he and his family loves this place.  Lindsey and I had never been to Buffalo Wild Wings until Friday night; this is when Mike showed us the way. Anyway, I took a quick picture of what we ordered and I labeled them. Let’s just call it, The Menu:

(Click on the picture to enlarge.)

If you meat lovers are interested, go. If you watch sports and drink beer, go here. DO NOT order burgers or some other displaced meal like that. Follow that menu you see up there. ORDER WINGS. It’s obviously THE place to eat it.

Go to to check a restaurant near you.

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dance until you feel good.

Van She - Ze Vemixes
VAN SHE: Ze Vemixes


autoKratz: Animal


Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters (Holy Ghost! Remix)  by MGMT

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